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Do a bit of racing around with the characters from El Chavo del Ocho




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ChavoKart is a 3D racing game influenced by Mario Kart and other games like it where you've got to be the first to pass the finish line. The problem is that your competitors won't make things easy on you at all.

The controls are very well suited to touchscreens. Your car accelerates automatically; you just have to control the kart's direction, tapping both sides of the screen. Plus on one side of the screen you'll find the button to activate the objects you collect during the race.

ChavoKart has a good handful of different tracks, all complete with shortcuts, forks in the path, jumps, and other craziness. Plus you can use a bunch of different characters: el Chavo, Don Ramón, Quico, Doña Rogelia, or Don Barrigón, among others. You can even upgrade all their cars.

ChavoKart is a kart racing game that takes the formula from Mario Kart and adapts it to one of the most beloved comedy shows in TV history – all to highly entertaining result.
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To be able to download the OBB file for ChavoKart you have to link your account to Google Play.


Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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